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Odile Gaston was born 5 years ago, depicting the perfect harmony between comfort, elegance and the woman. We take pride in offering simple garments and convenient materials for the active woman.

It all started with Catherine as the designer. She was recently joined by her daughter, Emilie, who strives to let us believe she reinforces the concept created by her mother : « Less is more ». Family and friendship are key to Odile Gaston.

The clothes are produced in the North of Portugal, in a small family-owned factory, composed of 4 people. The textile is also made in Europe. In an increasingly complex world, Odile Gaston lets us discover a clothing line with the crepe as the main fabric, known to be non-iron and easy to wash.

Catherine & Emilie love to believe that both convenience and not asking themselves too many questions in the morning come hand in hand. Odile Gaston does the same, with simplicity and timelessness. Throughout the seasons, the fabric stays the same and the garments are timeless, every time with something different to add a very unique touch.

Everything blends smoothly, from the colors to the designs. Odile Gaston would almost be a lifestyle in itself. Odile Gaston can be worn for a casual day at work but also as an evening dress. Why worrying too much when everything can be so simple ?

Not only is Odile Gaston available on the website, but also at Pimprenelle, a concept store in Lasne that Catherine and Emilie have tailored to feel warm and caring, where Scandinavian and French brands are supplementing the Odile Gaston concept.

Odile Gaston will surprise you !


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